Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Hot Date with George

I have been wanting to see the new George Clooney flick since it came out a few weeks ago. Finally, there was a situation where we had nothing pressing in the morning, so we could go to the later showing where we knew it would not be crowded. And I had a coupon for free popcorn!

So my review of the film? I don't know. We never got there. Thanks to some dumb a** who decided to half kill himself drinking and driving at almost 100 miles an hour on the freeway, I spend the last 2 and a half hours driving up I75 going but 4 miles. Yes, only 4 miles and then I was routed off to turn around and come home. A stretch that would have taken me three minutes of normal driving took me 150 minutes. Thank the freeway gods there was a rest stop in between which we got off at, I peed and right back on after a short conversation with an off duty State Popo-who was on his way to the casino (and hopefully not driving as HE had been imbibing a bit).

Here is what is posted online with a short video. The actual accident is right near the exit ramp where I was to get off for the flick. I honestly don't get why anyone who wants to kill themselves has to have an audience. I feel so bad for the unhurt driver of the semi who is now traumatized for life. Thankfully, no one else was harmed as this is an especially crowded time and area with a huge outlet mall at this exit and several football playoff games in the vicinity, too. It will be interesting to get the stats on this driver as Michigan has had hit or miss dealings with drunk drivers.

There was a bit of humor in this-it was drizzling rain and rather balmy. Just as I had to pee-so did another woman. She apparently told the driver of her car to drop her off at the rest area and keep on going, since traffic was only putzing along and she would catch up to it. When she got back on the freeway walking on the side, she could not find her passage, so she is doing an "Ozzie" on the cell phone-cursing she is NOT walking home to Mount Morris. What was funny about this? She was walking AWAY from Mount Morris!

ETA-Saw the movie late Saturday night after pizza at Uno's. Thumbs up and quite unique and intelligent. A-. Tom Wilkinson should get a nomination for supporting actor and the soundtrack was melancholy at times and intense at others. James Newton Howard is a favorite of mine. Many of you will recognize his theme to ER. As the end credits roll, the emotions running over Clooney's face tell quite a story. But leave anyone under 12 home.


  1. So sorry you didn't get to see your movie! Guys like that just tee me off!

  2. Why do people do such awful things sometimes? That's awful. Glad you finally saw the flick, though. I'll have to check it out!


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