Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holiday Trio

I am soooooo tired. I was baking breads today and found a bug-in my pantry. So while baking, I cleaned out and scrubbed two pantries and all my cabinets and threw stuff away that I was not taking a chance with and then baked more with what was left. I made cookies too--and a big pot of carrot soup--and some Indian lentils with brown rice for dinner with Naan. It sure smells good in here but my back is killing me.

I did not get the cards photographed as I promised from last night but be sure to go take a guess on my color combo here .

Tonight you get a card I made last fall-I always stamp out of season. This is from Hero Arts.

This is a pretty easy card to figure out and it uses up scraps as usual. I personally think this one would make a great check or money holder as its about the right size for that. See you later this week but go guess before I put the cool samples up.


  1. Love your card, and what a great way to use up scraps, always looking for ways to use up scraps, have too many. Wow you were busy, know what you mean, if I see a bug that is it, everything gets torn apart.

  2. I like this card. The trees are good, the LO is great, and the colors are perfectly simple. I might have to CASE this one!

    Sorry about the bugs...it's awful when that happens. I've started keeping all my baking products in huge TINS (I buy flour, brown rice, millet, etc in #25 bags) to keep the moths outs.
    Care to share your Naan recipe? I've tried maybe a dozen different ones and none of them have been "just right". We eat a lot of home made Indian food (my fave cuisine of all time)and Naan is the one thing I can't seem to perfect.


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