Friday, October 19, 2007

The Great Paisley Finish!

So here was my favorite of the 4 I made. Why? Because I like top folding cards. I like off set cards that aren't perfectly centered. I like the goofy way I stamped the envelope. But the number one reason I liked this card best??

My ribbon tied so nice! I struggle with ribbons all the time and I just love love love them! But I can't tie a knot without saying Ozzy Osbourne words. So when this one laid flat the first time and just looked like I thought it should, I was sooooooo happy!
Now I am going to be mesmerized by the weather radar and the continuing storms. No sleep tonight!


  1. Great job with your bow tieing. I'm in the same boat with you. Darn bows, won't tie worth a flip. Drives me crazy. Is there some sort of bow tieing 101 class out there, cause I TOTALLY need to

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the yesterday. I'll be doing a random drawing this afternoon around lunch time. So good luck :)

    and btw, love your card!! :)

  2. The colors on this card are beutiful.

  3. I love the paper and colors on this card and yes your off center image.

  4. on ribbons, try left-over-right, then right-over-left. love this card!
    later, alligator!
    - SueB of

  5. I LOVE this card! The paisley is fantastic, and it is a great color combination. oh, and nice ribbon, too! I also struggle with tying bows - nice to know I'm not alone :)


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