Sunday, October 28, 2007

2PEAS-How Many of You Shop With Them?

I found some confusing items in a couple of blogs I read and thought it might be prudent to post the links here. I am a member of 2Peas but have never purchased anything from them. I don't know what sort of security they have on their site either. It does concern me a bit, so I thought I would let you all decide for yourself.

Here was the first I read of it.

And then I went exploring and found this.

This is the retort on 2 Peas. You must be logged in to view this link, I think.

Here is their terms of use in case you are concerned.
I am not taking side on this, but wanted to let others know what is up.


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Rumor has it that SCS is even worse and there are many behind the scenes things going on. Lately posts are disappearing and any mention of notice of them disappearing is deleted instantly. I was once invited to join an SCS "gossip" ring and based on who the "members" were I wanted no part of the mean girls of SCS. Isn't it sad with real problems people have to deal with that a bunch of crafting women have to be so horribly mean to one another. For this reason I no longer post on either the Peas board or SCS.

  2. Interesting...but sad. Power will corrupt almost anyone.
    I was a member of 2peas for many years, but never got into the MB side of things. I also don't do the MB at SCS either. I posted a few times, but for some reason, it's not my thing.
    I haven't shopped at 2peas in almost 3 years, so I hope my information is safe.


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