Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally-A Winner!!

Ha ha ya thought it was the guessing game about the color combo. Nope, no winner yet. Jeez-all the clues are there. Keep trying.

Anyways, I am talking about this guessing game-the one to see who could correctly select what the local wazoos would pick for best frog card. Remember that eons ago? I updated the slow moving train here. Finally packed my butt into the heated roller skate and went trekking to Waterford as my inquires were all getting no where. I don't know when the contest ended but only two entrants were still on the board. Mine and the winner. Is that a clue to who won?

No name on the card who won only that she/he received 12 votes. As for the rest of us, Nada. Did I get any votes at all? How many cards were there beyond the original 6? It would be nice to have a little validation but....... Too late.

So 25 people punched in here. A couple left no number vote at all. Several said several numbers. Do you guys always vote like that? No wonder Bush boy won. Yikes! What was needed was one vote is as to how I voted and one vote to who actually won.

There was one correct voter and she will win a nice tidy prize I am selecting when I get off this buzzy contrapton. The bestest voter on this is Cathy Meyers! She picked that I voted for #1 and that #1 would also win.

I then placed all the ones who picked that I chose number 1 and into the randomizer they went. And #7 Doverdi was selected as the 2nd prize winner.

Okay, I feel sorry for all you weird voters out there. Remind me never to run for election in your towns. I put all the other remaining names with numbers into the random selector-even those who left the selection vote blank. And out pops #8 Angel Wilde!!

So all three ladies need to contact me thru the email listed under my profile. Let me know by Sunday otherwise I draw again.And don't forget to go enter my color contest. Some of ya got two of the three right. And sign my guest book too so I can see where everyone is from. Many entries have no blogs to poke thru and I like poking, so if you have a website or blog, let us see them!


  1. Hee hee, loved reading this post Jan, You can always make me laugh!

  2. Heated roller skate. That is the best description for your car ever!


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