Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thinking Of You BWR

This was a new use of some ribbon. It's not tied in a traditional way. I took the two pieces and laid them on top of each other and over lapped them in the inside and just taped them flat with my Trio runner. Then I took another piece of the dotted ribbon and slid it under the two layers and tied it. I could then slide this "bow" up and down to find where it looked best. I like this way as I cannot in any way screw it up!

Starting with a red textured card stock I edged in black ink. In the process, I also got ink all over me , but remember I am stamping by candlelight. So I also got some smudges on my red stamped image piece outside the vase. It's okay as I dabbed my finger into a winter white ink pad and tapped to disguise it.

Unfortunately, the winter white dried to almost a dog peed-on-the-snow white. It really shows in real life. Enlarge this and you will see it on the left of the phrase near the bottom. I also did this on two other cards. But I hate to throw anything away-so I continued.

All my smaller edges are inked in black-the printed piece underneath is some leftover parts of a set of paper that was all black and white patterned card stock. They were also razor distressed too. I also used a stamped image of a vase pop dotted as before and covered it with acrylic accents. The flowers were inked in red and then tiny crystals were added as flower centers. I stamped a small message at the bottom before this whole layer was added to the base card but a run-on would work too.
Off to weightlifting class. I am already sore, so what's a little more. (oohh that rhymes!)


  1. I love the flower and vase image,fantastic.

  2. Oooh, nice edge distressing, and the tiny crystals in the center are great. I like this card Jan.

    Oh, and I can't imagine tying a "bow" any other way! I'm too fumbly to do it "right".


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