Friday, October 05, 2007

The DSL Problem.....

Maybe wasn't. I am set to auto updates on software and security stuff and has just done one when everything kinda went hooey. After two days, I think I figured out something.

There was a configuration problem with Google mail and Google toolbar. Seemed to be a doubling of notify in talk and mail. I don't know it all but after removing all the Google add ons, it finally started working again. My daughter said there is a thing on the bar called page rank that is a know problem with IE and that if your computer is slowing down or going backwards, click on settings and deselect page rank. Or if you are using an older version, uninstall it and get the new one. That is probably better than adding on over and over and the file is actually smaller now. So I am up and running for now-will be interesting to see what happens when I turn off for the night and get on again tomorrow. One clue was that as a user, my hubby didn't have Google anything and he was working fine until we tried to visit a Google anything. Will I apologize to SBC? Nope, 'cause they are a bunch of issues besides this one and I haven't finished with them yet.

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