Sunday, October 28, 2007

Golden Bleached Leaves

I really wasn't sure of this product at first. I heard all the buzz about the Castaway pad in the magazines and on the Internet but the local stores did not have it right away. Finally Stacey got it in and had a demo of it. This is my first time using the pad and I hope to do more with it soon. I can see my boo boo and also I have a lot of white core paper which it wont work on. You must have pure color paper so from what I read, SU card stock should work really well.

To heat this card, I used a hot iron after letting it sit a while. I can see where the ink was a bit too drippy on the right side.The intensity of the bleach out was dramatic in some spots and barely there in others. It almost has an embossed look. You can also use a heating gun for another effect. Just be careful to let it sit a bit before heating. Read more here.

Here is a close look at the card and you will see I also chalked around the aperture and the leaf inside is also chalked with various colors for a true fallish look. The card itself was a pre-cut card which I think Marco's carries and can be mail ordered. I lastly clipped off the back of a button from Dress It Up (available at Micheal's or online here).

So the herbs are frozen (except a few strands of chives) and gnome has hunkered down for the duration. Hopefully, he will return and bring friends next spring. I may get those special cards up tomorrow and perhaps announce a winner in the color contest. If you still want to guess, go here.

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