Thursday, October 04, 2007

Swirls and Flowers

I am having major fits with SBC DSL (or whatever they call themselves these days ). I can send and receive mail but getting a page to load in IE is maddening-the router is in slo motion I think. Hubby is having trouble too, so its not just me. He tried a brand new 'puter from Dell-and nada!

I would love to give them a swirly as my Internet is now worse than dial up ever was. I think this is a ploy to get me to upgrade my service as if paying them for a land based phone I have not used in 2 years isn't enough. If I upgrade, I am fleeing to wireless Verizon or god forbid, Comcast cable.

So hopefully this pretty will get posted before January. Here I present another in the Penny Black altered sticker cards. All I kept from the original card was the sticker and the white embossed swirly paper. I added a dark background card which is textured. It's so dark blue it almost photographs as black. Another 2 blue scraps were the backings for the sticker itself and they were distressed on the edges. I tore a piece of teal scrap that is textured, for the center cross cut as it matched the flowers in the sticker.

The flowers were colored with a gel pen and the swirl in the sticker were lined with a glitter pen. After assembly, I added these weird little plastic thingies from Hero Arts on the right side. I know Robin's Nest makes them as do a few other companies and some are in round make up type containers and others are in jars. Really cute and simple add ons. One precaution---don't expose them to heat. When this card was taking forever to dry, I put it on the dash of the car and the thingies melted to where they are almost flat instead of dome like. On some of the other cards I made that I put in the window with this one, the glue on the stickers melted and won't lie flat anymore. So be patient and let them dry on their own good time. Worth the wait-go make another card or two while you are doing that.

Going to ice my shin splints now.

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