Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post It Note Pads-With A Twist

These acrylic frames were on sale for 99 cents at Joann's. I got a bunch in this size and some in panoramic and some even smaller that were only 67 cents. They are like easels on the bottoms. Dollar store stuff for the most part. But I made them useful!I turned it upside down so the easel part was on the top and then it was like a tilted little desk. When this is next to your phone or on your desk, its just perfect for jotting the notes or messages you need in a hurry.
I cut a piece of card stock to match that insert it came with-added some strips I found in the scrap bin and then found a chipboard message to place on the right side. After inking the edges, place this inside the frame. Then using strong tape, add a small pad of post it notes to the left side. Instant gift!Here is another I made using different paper and another chip piece message. If you buy a huge pack of post its from Costco, and use the chips you find in a clearance bin like I did, you can make these for about $1.50. I have also made a few using the panoramic frame and a larger post it pad. Or add a photo instead of chip message. And the whole thing stays clean because its protected. When the paper is gone, just tape another.

I was so excited to make these and then got a wake up call that nothing is really our own idea. I got a flyer from Adorn It! the day before Christmas and their designers had made the same thing. Like minds? Or aliens?


  1. This idea is so cool!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. what a great idea, these are lovely.

  4. Great idea!!! These are very cute!

  5. Very fun idea!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a Happy New Year!!


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