Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unfinished Asters and Other Stuff

My car is not finished yet. I am stuck here and there is a storm coming tomorrow night and I have no food-human or dog. I know the dogs will eat anything (which is why I have a half eaten bench on the deck and a gnawed on rail on the steps for starters). I guess we will survive as I made 10 dozen cookies and sent only half to work with hubby. Like his 8 months pregnant belly needs them anyways. Sad as I hate to drive but some days just need it for my sanity.

So the car-well it's NOT covered by warranty. Seems I have a squatter in my garage.

Michigan Q. Mouse took up residence (so they are saying) on my spark plug wires sometime in the last week. I had not driven my car since last Wednesday, so he must have laid claim in that period when the weather went crazy. But..and a big but at that...I find no evidence of a mouse in my garage. NADA. No droppings, no rubber pieces and no residual dining on the bird/squirrel food laying in a bag right next to my car! Nothing. I looked all over. The dog and cat food bins are right there too and no trace of any visitors. A 3 week old bag of garbage was intact and I know there had to be food somewhere. Even the recycle bin was clean and some cans were foody.

So I wanna see what they think is chewing. This car has been acting up for a while in other ways and has been looked at a half dozen times...earliest I can get a ride to pick it up is Saturday as hubby doesn't get home until after dealership closes and they won't work with me on this to maybe leave it at my gym down the road after I pay and exonerate them of anything.

Here is my card-my unfinished Asters. I love the concept but don't know what to put as a title or how to. Do I print on the white area of the back frame or do I layer something in? I actually thought of putting clouds and a sun up there and having no phrase at all until you open it up. So anybody got an ideas? I love how badly I layered too. Always shows a lot worse AFTER you glue and photograph!


  1. Maybe some sky and sunshine in the background and then you could even stamp a sentiment over that?

  2. I am still searching for the tutorial on how cardmakers layer with perfect 1/8" or 1/16" mattings. I got a Perfect Layers thinking this would help, but it helps cut not actually helps in the "I've got this covered in adhesive and need to lay this down now" stage. Your card is very pretty. Since it is so hard to tell perspective from the picture, I am wondering if the asters would be in scale with clouds/sun? I like the white space, personally, and would just add a sentiment there. I really like the tag on the side and the layering of the asters.


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