Sunday, January 27, 2008

Problem With Blog Link for Anonymous Crabby Blog?

I posted the new info I received (my inbox was clogged solid with inquires). Look here for updated info.

I just got home from Winter Stamp Camp. Can you hear my Visa having an asthma attack?? Hubby will not see that receipt for sure! I was up at 6AM, got myself all glittery and inky and now am home to throw away the biscuits I forgot I put out to rise LAST NIGHT!!! to have for lunch. They smell yucky and are all fermented and gluish. I just was too excited to have a creative day and forgot about them. Good thing flour is cheap!

They should have looked like this. I did not take a photo of how they actually turned out. But my white vegetarian chili is deeee-lish. I will post a recipe on my other blog later with a photo.

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