Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Full Moon Sadly Rises

Driving thru town I looked up and saw the full moon emerging from darkened clouds and I shivered. Not from cold but from a incredible sadness that swept over me. Something so beautiful will no longer be seen by those who's time came much too soon. Mothers are burying their children and children no longer have the lifting wings of a parent.

A 4 year old child could not be kept healthy even with all the knowledge and advances medicine has brought upon the world in recent years. A soldier doing his routine was taken by greed and hate. A mother pushes her child from the fire but is overcome and succumbs as she forces her baby to the safer air. An artist, whose face graces the silver screen, does not awaken from what should have been a healing sleep while ill.

Mothers moan with the loss. Babies moan with the absence of familiar faces. Fans are left befuddled as to what could have happened. The same occurs all over the world each day. Some losses will get big press releases and others pass unnoticed but for a John Doe notice in the back pages of car ads. Still a mother will sob in grief. No mother should have to bury her child and no child should have to lose a parent before they know them.

The full moon crests the skylines of many cities the world over tonight...and it moans in sadness at the losses that will come again.


  1. I stood outside in the cold last night just staring at the moon...it seem to fill the entire sky.

    Jan, you have such a way with words.

  2. Wow! Did you write that? Although it's sad it was written beautifully. I have been watching our full moon for the past 3 nights and keep thinking how I need to get outside and take a picture of it. It is so beautiful with the snow below it.

    Have a wonderful day.



  4. Jan - that was beautiful. Amen.

  5. hauntingly beautiful. You have a gift with words.

  6. So beautiful and sad. It will touch everyone who has lost. I have and I know I am deeply touched.

  7. i love this..... you are a great writer dear. Thanks for sharing!!! I too was deeply touched. It is very saddening.

    hugs to you,


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