Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dumb Boy

Hubby could have gone to the Piston/Laker game tonight free and turned it down. Because there was only one ticket. Does he really want me to believe it was because there was not a ticket for me to accompany him? I can't imagine him tearing his workaholic self away from his desk to enjoy a night of fun with co-w0rkers.

I hope he never thinks I would turn that chance down. Had it been Phoenix/Pistons I would have grabbed it for myself and made him wait in the parking lot!

BTW-Blogger seems to be screwed up this week. Now spell check isn't working and I have to refresh pages to navigate to edit posts.

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  1. When the Portland Trailblazers were in their heyday with Clyde the Glide Drexler, we used to stand in line for half the night to get even single tickets to playoff games. If only one ticket could be had, then it was rock, paper, scissors to see who got to go. I know I wouldn't pass up a free ticket to a pro basketball game.


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