Friday, January 04, 2008

Doggie Food-For Your Wallet

No, my dog isn't hungry. He has eaten everything in site. Even a rock! He did throw that back up thankfully-I might post a photo later. I have some terrific coupons to give you if you can use them. Iams-one of two foods brands I actually buy-sent me some coupons for puppy food (no puppies here), weight control dog food (the weight problem is when he jumps on me), and small/toy breed. Can anyone out there use them? If so, email me (under my profile) and which ones you want -with your address and I will stick them in an envie for you. If you can use them all, that is fine if you can share them. These are $6-8 dollars off per bag. I am keeping the $10 ones as I buy food by the 40lb bag. Anytime you can keep some green in your pocket these days is good!

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  1. So are you posting a picture of your dog...or of his vomit? LOL. Sorry he's not feeling well.



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