Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog Candy Has Left My House

To anyone I owed goodies to, anything I could stamp at home with multitudes of individual postal stamps (don't laugh when you get the envies, okay?) and just drop off went out yesterday. This meant all under 9 ounce goodies. I have two that are a couple pounds that I need to take directly and add delivery confirmation to, so as soon as I am better (had a set back tonight as all the internals horrors are now external-or as my dad always said "The meanness is coming out of me"! Thanks dad-for big feet no brains and blind in one eye and cant see out of the other. They all fit.

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  1. Jan, you are such a giving person. I would have never say any of those things to you (your quotes from Dad). I received my coupons today, and they came with such pretty paper and robbon! Thanks do much for sharing these goodies with me as well. I DO appreciate it! :) Kelly


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