Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Make Me Smile

Well, something better make me smile as I had a bad day and have a dysfunctional family full of liars and freaks. My car went phooey. I have has so many problems since my accident a year ago that the insurance should have just totaled it. But no, they chose to fix it for thousands of dollars and since then I have had it in the shop over and over for problems relating to the problems. I had to drive it to the dealership 17 miles away (thankfully my gym is about a mile down the road (in friggin' scary Flint) so I could walk there and wait for hubby to drive from Detroit and pick me up-worked out my car anger on the weights and treadmill mostly. So I have no clue to what is going on other than the engine is acting up, the heat is cold and hot over and over, the clock is going crazy and the lights are all blinking funny. I am not a car person, I prefer to walk. I got an oil change in early May and they said come back for the next one in early August at 3,000 miles. Well, I haven't used up that 3,000 miles yet! Almost 9 months later!

I took this photo last June. It's summery and I can smell the lilacs-Korean lilacs. Nothing special about this card other than I printed on acetate. Used some scraps and made a matching envelope. Maybe with no car and the wind tomorrow, I can get some new stuff photographed assuming the sun peeks out. I like natural light if I can have it. Winds are 50 MPH and it was 48F an hour ago. The front is coming thru and my whole house shakes (kinda like my car was doing). Stay warm.It will be single digits on the other side of this clipper.


  1. it is a lovely summery card! BAtten down the hatches and keep warm,hopefully it will pass quickly!

    WE have a yahoo group for SBS4, here is the link

    come and join the fun

  2. I like this card - very cheerful and gets the point across. i've never tried printing on acetate; should give it a try sometime.

    thanks for the idea -

    Beth B. (hungry mommy to a busy 4.5 yr old)


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