Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Candy Has To Grow Up

ETA-Please read the directions! I need your email AND your blog and/or screen name and your home address. I have received several with only home addresses or nothing more than "count me in". They are not going to count if you don't send what I asked for. I am doing this to make sure there are no cheaters. Resend or not-your choice!

A lot of the recent candy contests on blogs have left me with the feeling that it's a popularity contest. When the blog authors ask that we poke around their past postings and find our 5 favorite cards, it's just to pump up the hits for top 50 sites or to roll up that hit counter. I am not doing that anymore.

I like the contests that ask a silly question like "what is the stupidest song you ever heard?" or "What did you have for dinner last night that was gross-and who cooked it?" I always enter these as it makes for fun and maybe a bit of thinking too. I just don't get the ones who enter by saying "Count me in" and never address the questions. Or don't follow the rules of the candy gift such as one per person and on this post only.

I have come up with a fun idea for a while. I am not gonna have a blog candy post of the week with a stupid poke around or odd question. All you have to do is go under my profile and EMAIL me your name, home address, blog name (or user name that is what you would use for posting comments) and email address. (I just need to be able to contact you to tell you watch for an envelope and no other reason). If you typically post to blogs as anonymous, that will not work. Go get a free gmail account. It needs to be fair for all entrants. Anonymous to me means you either don't want us to know who you are (and maybe are cheating for multiple entries in contests) or you don't have a Google Blog. So go get an account just for posting to blogs-if nothing else. I don't care if you have a blog or not,

I will be taking names for the next two weeks. At that time, I will just draw out a few names and send you a prepackaged envelope of goodies. In fact, they are already stuffed and ready for stamps and names. I have a huge Rubbermaid box of things I need to pass on. I have no idea what is in the envelopes anymore , but you will have fun. This way, I also will not have to go to the PO to get them weighed and postaged. They are all under the 13 ounces for drop in the box send offs.

So get me your info. We will try this for 3 months and see how it works. I may throw in a question contest if I come up with a good enough one. But let's get this idea off the ground and see how it progresses. You can only win one envelope in any 90 day period and if it seems to gel, we will start over with all the names back in. Do NOT post the info here on the ramble. NEVER post your email or address on any public site unless you want spam or odd contacts in the mail.

ETA-Please put Blog Candy Sign UP in the SUBJECT line of your email. I have had a lot of legit mail going to spam folders for some reason, so I can see that yours is a wanted email.

ETA too-Anybody can enter this! If out of the US, you may have to wait a bit longer for me to get my lazy butt to the PO and the snow melts (as I will have to walk at the rate they are working on my car)

So let's get it started now!


  1. HI there... I just posted Blog candy for 5000 hits. I go through all the posts that I get and yes there are people that post three or four times, which is wrong, and I just accept the first one and reject the rest. But I also have a few people that respond and ask not to be involved and I take that into account.
    The next time I do this I think I will ask a question of some sort and see what kind of response I get.

  2. I can't agree with you more Jan on the blog candy hide and seeks. I don't bother with them. I don't have that kind of time. I just want to post and move on. I do like the silly blog candy questions. I've been known to do a few of them myself (as you know!) LOL

  3. This sounds like fun! You are just to creative with all your inspiring projects and candy.

  4. I would LOVE to receive a goody from you. Maybe you can pack me some snow too?!

    I'll send you my addy.



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