Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Instant Gratification?

I just don't get it. Several days ago, HSN or one of those crack-like shopping networks sent out emails for the newest "have to have" paper crafting tool. It was the steroid supplemented offspring to the Cropidile. This new tool will let you punch in the middle of 12 x 12 pages etc.I can't even find a photo of it as it's so new. ETA-found a photo here The deal was you buy this past weekend or have to wait to buy it locally until March or so. So all these women are posting in blogs and Yahoo groups they ordered it right away and most have already received it.

I just don't get it. Why would anyone buy a tool without testing it first. Why would anyone pay full price plus shipping for a tool they have no clue about. Why can't someone wait a few weeks, and get it locally and support the soon-to-be extinct scrap store or use a coupon at a local big box store? At least helping the local economy. I never pay full price-always waiting for a sale (10% is better than nothing) and when you are plunking down $40 bucks, I would certainly want to test it out (I tested an original Cropidile before purchasing and used my full point cards at the LSS for it). I was still one of the first people to get one and I have probably talked a lot more into one since. But just to get something first and have bragging rights? I just don't get it.

Far too many people are wasting money they don't have; just for a quick high-and that is what a lot of shopping is. We are a consumer driven society with few consequences (bankruptcy hurts more than just the person who files). We are seeing the results of buying without thought in the housing sectors. Too many buy houses they can't afford. The banks are just as guilty for giving the loans-after all, doesn't a sane person know if they make $50 grand a year, they cannot afford a $300 grand house?

Infomercials are the same way-and QVC and HSN are that. Just a little more subtle about it-with their rolling sales numbers of an item-get one now or they are gone forever! Think about your purchases-and maybe walk away from it entirely. I know $40 isn't much in the grand scale-but $40 could be the break point before your lights are off or your kids don't eat tonight. I see it all the time. Buying just for showing off (a house full of electronic crap) or fitting in (new clothes every week instead of washing the ones you have) but living almost on the dole.And I just don't get it.

ETA-now if someone can come up with a way to put an LED light in my Cropidile, so the spot I am punching is lit up better ( I have fluorescent energy savers so the lighting isn't great at times) that might be something I would trade up to.

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