Sunday, June 17, 2007

With Deepest Sympathy

No one likes to make cards like this. I used to go to Hallmark and while looking for ones I thought might be appropriate, I would cry myself down the aisle and then just buy a blank card because the message was never right. I remember trying to find one for some one who lost their life partner. The proprietor thought I was so strange for that-can you imagine when I asked for one for a "non-traditional" wedding? Or when a service dog died? I haven't been in Hallmark in years-I even quit collecting the ornaments at Christmas as we no longer put up a tree. I hated getting up in the morning to see it spread all over the family room and the cats acting like nothing was wrong.

I tried this card on plain white and it was too stark with the white that was in the patterned paper. So I went with an ivory-plain-no texture. It still was too "white" so adding a bit of distress ink helped a lot. Everything was scraps except for the cream card and the layers were all smooth card stock inked on the edges and then some were razor distressed too. When I was finished, I still wanted something for the corner and went looking for plain brown eyelets or brads in my stash and came across these flowers. I don't know if they work as much as the eyelets would have but the game was coming on , so I let it be. I think I am gonna make a bunch like this and set them aside so I don't have to cry in the aisles of the card shop anymore. And my real feelings can go inside.

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  1. Love this one to. Know what you mean about not liking to do this type of card.


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