Thursday, June 28, 2007


Using the same sticker line and paper company as last night's card , I made this one . I tried using texture papers for the layers.After gluing it all together, I knew I should have razor distressed the layers too. I like this a little better than the previous card as there is not as much white. And I am using lots of scraps. I may scrounge around and see if I have any more scraps like this and try distressing them on the edges.
I am not stamping much right now as I have everything trashed and am reorganizing my craft stash-stash is probably not the right word tho. Obsession-yeah, that sounds better.

It has been too muggy the last few days to really accomplish anything but I am making progress. Then I need to paint and fix a hole in the dry wall while I am at it. I did organize all my scraps into a 3 drawer Iris cart so I can easily find items by type-so plain card stock pieces with chipboard in one drawer, stickers, fibers, plastics, metals etc in another. and all patterned pieces in the third. I then have a small bin with small ink pads for when I need them. And have added some embossing samples, glitters, and tons of brads etc as a quick card/ kid-friendly kit.

These are the leftovers that usually I would give to my niece to play with but she seems to have a problem taking responsibility for her art supplies and it always ends up being thrown away by dad/mom, so with such an expensive hobby and supplies too good to toss, I am keeping them in a bin here in case she visits and she can craft at the kitchen table if she wishes.

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  1. Great card, love the colors and paper you used.


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