Friday, June 08, 2007

The Door to Spring

This was a reject from a contest I entered. I liked the concept of it but I used items that were not included in the contest packet. I did not win the contest and have no idea how my entry did. I certainly don't want to know if I got no votes at all, right? Best to be in the dark!

I liked this door handle I found at a flea market type of display at a store in Commerce Township. I don't get there often because its so out of the way. There are not regular roads to get there and if anyone knows the area-every road I swear is named Commerce Road east, west or something like that. Their tag line is that they had a bunch of roads left over so named them all Commerce. Whatever.

I used Bazzill Bling on this card for the top matte. It had just enough shimmer to set this off along with the Stickles. I wanted to do a card where it would open from the handle and have flowers inside or some other images, but never could pull it off right. I just left it like this and that means if I ever mail it, it will need to go special postage rates as its thick. One product I think you all would love is the Trio tape runner . It is the BEST I have ever used for applying ribbons of any width. I will never use anything else for ribbon again.

Well, I am shutting down for a while-storms coming and I won't be outside taking any photos. Have a nice weekend.

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