Friday, June 08, 2007

Thank You Pots

I have been so busy potting and planting yesterday and today. Finally it warmed up enough. 41F the other night made me have to drag in all the tomatoes and delicate flowers not yet in the ground. I only have my English planter to do tomorrow. I saw it many years ago in a gardening magazine and finally found one at English Gardens. It better last forever for as much as it cost. Too heavy to move too!

This as another card I made at Jane's Craft Studio. It used the same stamp set as the last one I posted here. This card is pretty self explanatory. Would be easy to make a ton of these from scraps-and I know we all have way too many of them. The obligatory Stickles topped off an easy as pie card. Maybe 10 minutes and a few more to color the pots with markers or Prismacolors.

I have a bunch more to photograph assuming it doesn't rain tomorrow-but the Weather Channel is already hyping up this front that dumped on Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin so guess who just had a tornado watch issued? Where is the Valium for my dog?

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