Friday, June 01, 2007

Exiled in Paradise and A Winner!

OK-this was mighty enlightening. I think I might have had to add more info but decided to let it ride and see what you came up with. For one thing-this is a really remote island so no electricity and no refrigerators. So milk is out and if you expected milk to last 90 days in the heat-have any of you EVER tasted curdled milk?? (I wouldn't have been so mean to place you on a cold remote island-that's for the 2ND offense) . And anyone who chose salty foods, the first thing you better do is find a natural spring or dig a well by hand, because the island is surrounded by SALT water!

This is probably a lush tropical island so there will be plenty of greens, just don't know if they are edible until you try them and wake up the next day not sick or incapacitated by poisons. So any vegetables you brought to live on , hopefully, you either brought the fully laden plants with roots or saved the seeds as you ate. Potatoes, rice, quinoa, nuts and peas are good because all are nutritious, and you can make flour and make stews with other native plants. So you could make maybe bread-altho you would have to figure out a leavening agent in the wild or have flat bread.

I personally would die of starvation if I had to live on Twinkies-I think they would survive along with roaches any sort of nuclear war . But they are not replenishable which is probably wise anyways. The next incoming strandee would probably kill you if you left him/her Twinkies.I think most of you would not make it 90 days if you tried to live on some of the items you were to bring-but you would die eating what you love. Something that is renewable and it would probably have to be-is the best bet. You leave nothing for the next guy and you die because he will die too, so it wont matter to him if he gets life in prison. My choice would have been rice. I would make the best cereals (you do have a way to cook-one packet of matches) mash it into flour, or make some stir fry's with the native plants. My second choice would have been soybeans. Yum!! I could eat this like candy.

Now two answers confused me. Jerky-unless its veggie jerky-its contraband!! You get another 30 days. And burritos from the gas station-you better hope you are the only one on the island ever as there will be plenty of gas and not the octane kind! But if you can figure out a way to contain that gas-might be a way to cook better or barter with the natives before they decide to cook you as stew!

So I used a random number selector and the number is #30! And this translates to post 30 which is Patty H. Patty, I tried to go to your website/link but it takes me to SCS and it's not a Patty gallery that shows up under your name link, but a Joelyn. So please get back to me so I can figure this out and get a street addy.

This was fun and I plan on doing something similar again soon-not an essay tho. It will involve taking a photo of something you own or finding a photo online of an object like it. So sign up for the feed and you will be the first to know. Thanks everyone for entering.



  1. Shannon K11:02 AM

    Oops. I am the jerky girl and I misunderstood the question. No animal and nothing with eye balls I took as an alive animal. Great question and I liked your take on everything. Rice would be the best choice. I guess I haven't watched Survivor in a while or I would have remembered that!!

  2. Thank you Jan for visiting my new blog, The Caruso Manner. I did as you asked and placed a feedfblitz area on my blog, so I can grant your wish to receive my blog via email! Thanks for telling me that important tidbit in the bid to get some traffic.

    Hugs, Jan Marie

  3. Hey Jan.... you're right, my hubby was NOT in good spirits tonight. He was down, down, down. I was a little happy for him to find out that I "knew" someone that shared the same feelings as he did - he wasn't as happy as I was... he was still sad. I'm sure you know what he's going through. Oh he was so mad!!!

    But thanks for stopping by, and making me feel a little better though. At least now I know he's not the only one out there that's crazy mad about the Pistons.

    Hugs n' Aloha,


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