Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Wishes

I made this card several months ago and was not particularly happy with the way the stamping turned out. The phrase is crooked, the zig zag should have been embossed and it just is kinda bland to me. I used some chips I found at a clearance sale along with a bunch of scraps that are two sided-my favorite kind of card stock.

I think the chips were on a sheet from Wild Asparagus. Maybe the paper was too. I know I bought tons of it because it was heavier and I knew it would be good for card making as I wouldn't have to make a backing card if I didn't want to. This was a pretty quick card and this is a quick post but I promised. Now back to tearing up the house. I make really good messes when I am not even trying.

95 tomorrow-I need to get outside and get some vitamin D. It is a very important nutrient and I don't get enough of it. I think I am a vampire!

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  1. Actually, I really like this card! I like that it rather "simple." I think sometimes we get way too critical of our own work....I know I do it to myself too! I like all the elements of this card...and I didn't notice that anything was crooked!


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