Saturday, June 09, 2007

Watch The Leaves Turn

As pretty as fall is-I don't ever look forward to it. I don't like cold, dark, windy or raking leaves weather and wish it were always summer except for one day of snow-Christmas eve. I am a summer person-the hotter and muggier, the better.

I made this card several years ago and found it in a box this week. I think I made it at Karen's for a make and take. I haven't been there in a while for reasons I just don't want to go into here and I am not sure she is going to stay in business much longer based on what I hear. I miss some people who used to work there, especially Joann and Pat. I end up having to drive an hour or more to get stamps or take classes that are stimulating and productive. It just makes the whole situation at Karen's sad and pathetic.

This card is made from die cuts which are then chalked to simulate the variegated colors of fall in oak leaves. I started with several different colors of card stock and just chalked the seams of the leaves first and worked my variations out to the edges, creating shadows and darker edges. I then tied all three of the leaves together with raffia and pop dotted them into place on a card layered with faux wood paper. I am not sure who made the rubber stamped phrase. It appears to be fading tho, so I may have used some ink I should have embossed instead. This is an idea you could use a bunch of die cuts with-flowers would be perfect. I don't use chalks enough and I just took them out again today to play with.


  1. Love your stuff!!

  2. Vicki6:04 PM

    This card is so gorgeous!! Great job!! :)


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