Thursday, June 14, 2007


A few years ago I went to an Auntie Amy's convention in Novi, Michigan. I was overwhelmed to say the least. Since I have some issues with claustrophobia, I tried to stay within eye shot of the door in case I had to leave quickly. There were just too many people in such a small area. I have heard there is a new convention center and it's much larger. I just never felt comfortable going back to the old place. Just the bathrooms alone freaked me out!

One of the vendors who was pushing the new at that time Stazon inks came up with this idea. I have no clue what to call the technique so if anyone knows what to call it, let me know. I am sure he didn't invent this idea but having a teenage boy show you stamping stuff was pretty neat (he was a cutie). He had us take a folded acetate paper holder and put several dots of inks (you can use most any I would think) on the inside and then close the folder and rub your hand over it to disperse the inks. We then opened it back up and spritzed with water.

Then we placed two full size sheets of white glossy paper inside with the glossy sides facing out. Then you closed the folder and laid it flat and rubbed your hands again to color the glossy paper. You would always end up with cool designs on the paper but no two alike. Then you removed the paper and dried with your embossing gun. Then just cut to size for whatever your background project is. You rinse the inks off the folder to re-use again and again. I think you could let the folder dry and cut that for an interesting embellishment too if you have lots to spare but acetate over lays are expensive by the box unless you find a sale, like I did (B2G1).

I then stamped in Stazon this image of a bird, which took on an Asian influence to me with the red base card. I tore the edge of my stamp image and added that little red clippie and voila! Instant card.

The above technique can be quite messy so be prepared. I also tend to get headachy around Stazon and alcohol inks so be sure to use adequate ventilation-all you cubby hole stampers especially. Now I am going into the yard to see my real birdies. I think they need food as squirrely boy seems to be taking it lately.

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  1. Hi Jan,

    Welcome to the blogging world! Looks like you are off tho a fabulous start!

    I tried looking for your email but could not find it so i will answer your question here. For the edges of the forever layer I used a paper distresser and the golden hue is just the creamy caramel color showing through the sponging.

    Hope this helps some,


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