Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This paper kinda freaked me out. I thought from a distance it was embossed where the footprints were, but its flat as a pancake. It was just begging for a card front tho. The meow chip was from the going out of business sale-5 cents! I just made layers to bring out the colors and roughed up the edges a bit. That little round thingie-it has prongs on the back but its more like a rivet than a brad. It was a bugger to get thru the card stock and you can see where I bend it. Oh well, it works. I did distress ink the paper in red to match the red layer.

Lucky me-hubby is coming home for about 24 hours before he leaves again. I get to drive on the frigging freeway with the shattered windshield that he told me not to fix until he came home as its the company car-he let me borrow it while he was gone instead of parking it at Metro. I only went one place and three weeks later, I still have gas to burn up. I hate to drive!

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  1. Hee hee, love the double-layering under the sentiment, what a clever idea! Nice earthy colors too.


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