Monday, June 04, 2007

Let The Sunshine In!

It has been raining all day. Almost 2 1/2 inches so far and more coming. I am paranoid about my sump pump working correctly as a few years ago, it stopped while hubby was in China, daughter was in Chicago and there was no one but little ol' me to clean up. It took me a week just to haul out moldy crap. I since have everything on shelving except the treadmill which survived (how convenient). We now have a an alarm on the sump and if the water rises-believe me, I will know. But I am still paranoid. But that is my nature.

I made this card in a class at Jane's. Jane (who recently retired), sold the store to SanDee and their whole crew have the most affordable classes I have ever taken. Laurie in particular is so talented. SO if you find yourself in the Waterford/Clarkston area near the Dixie/Telegraph area, stop and give them some business. My daughter used to live right down the road from Jane's (I am so mad she moved-I mean it was only a job and a raise and aren't stamps more important?)and it was a reward to me to go there if I battled the stupid traffic, road construction and anxiety attacks I get while driving (but I rarely get there in the winter unless its 100 percent clean/de-iced roads). I really enjoy myself at Jane's and wish she was closer-but then I would have NO money.

So this card is pretty neat. It uses a Sizzix die cut for the window. The stamps I think were See-D's. We actually made 6 cards using all the different flower stamps in the set. And of course, we had to Stickle up all the blossoms. Isn't it cute how the corners are a fern punch? The green layered paper is metallic and I wish I had flowers outside my window like this. But I haven't planted them yet as its raining all the time, so hopefully I will tomorrow. Just two weeks ago we had a hard frost, so I am glad I waited.

I put two images here because looking at the card flat and then from a bit off the side does make a different perspective.
Now I am going to bed to shed more rain-my Pistons were too busy squabbling and forgot what we as fans paid them to do. I will be in a funk for months-I threw my jersey on the floor and stomped on it last night. ) Oooh-maybe the NBA will fine ME for that. I won't be watching the Finals for the first time in years-I am burnt out on the horrible officiating, whining and politics of the NBA (and CWebb-go away-please!) and will now turn my attention to Tiger Woods coming to town! What a cutie-and really no baggage either-so isn't that nice for a change. Just hope his wife waits off on the baby a few days.


  1. That's a really pretty card Jan.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.....I have added Feedblitz this morning as requested. I do try to post something every day if I can but sometimes work gets in the way.


  2. Your card is absolutely Jan!


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