Saturday, June 16, 2007


It's 2 AM and I sit here waiting for hubby to call as he is flying from Shanghai to Seoul. For some odd reason, they do not allow you to use your cell phones inside the airport, so all I got was a message on the phone I never use saying he was going inside and would call me from Seoul. I have this little clock on my desktop that calculates the time differences for me-its bad enough I have to realize it might be tomorrow there! If I didn't have insomnia normally, I would with all this rigmarole.

I am presenting a card I am not sure I like. I love the textured card stock because its so heavy weight but after ink distressing and then razor blading the edges, I wish I had just left well enough alone but when I saw I had missed some edge, I also ended up inking the ribbon and I don't have any to replace it. I am now having a hard time keeping the edges stuck down and I wonder how many others are having that problem with some of the heavier card stocks? I do like these metal washers and am seeing a lot of them out there-some with rhinestones, some chipboard, some printed with text and even wooden ones.

I am still doing my multiple layer thing. I want to get the scrap pile down some more and what better way than using lots of layers. I had some of my cards with me at Red Robin last night and the waiter really liked them. He used to design flower arrangements for the local grocery store flower department. I would rather do that than smell greasy burgers all day. I can smell my jasmine coming thru the yard tonight as the breeze is perfect. I need a jasmine stamp or scented embossing powder

I am going to a Penny Black class (actually two of them) tomorrow in Fowlerville. I hate driving especially knowing all the construction on the way-but it's worth it for Penny Black! I have no idea if its stamping, stickers or what-I just heard Penny Black and said I am in! Have a good weekend. I will post what we made if it doesn't rain and hinder my photographing them.


  1. I love the colors you used on this one! Having a dh who travels is a pain, isn't it? I'm so glad that mine was home all week and his current project is on hold so he'll be around for awhile. The only downside is that it makes it harder to stamp when he's around :-)

  2. I love the card, it is beautiful.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful card. I love the colors!!!


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