Sunday, May 18, 2008

Triple Play-Sorta Makes Up For Being Stupid

I had to go up to Lansing to pick up my laptop today and we went to the Red Cedar Grill for roasted garlic with chiabatta. It is one of my fav appetizers anywhere (and I had a 10 dollar GC off my bill too! as part of my frequent dining club). The appetizer is 12.95 but very much sharable with multiple people. Problem was, it was not good tonight. It was not cooked enough and was cold, so we sent it back (and they microwaved it-yuck) but it's still not cooked to spreadability. So we bitched. And got it free! The entrees we got were fine (I had Thai peanut fettucini-very spicy) and there was enough left over to send home for daughter to have for lunch tomorrow. Then the manager came over and apologized and not only gave us the appetizer free but gave us a 10 dollar gift certificate for next time too! Triple play!

Now the laptop story and why I feel stupid!

So I bought a new laptop a while back and was "saving" it for when the desktop started acting up. I wanted to make sure I got XP (no Vista for me). I used it twice in an internet cafe and everything worked, so I put it away. Last week I decided to take it out, put on the newest virus protection and add my new office software. I added Symantec and restarted and ejected the software.

When I went to put the Office disc in, the dvd/cd-rom drive would not open, so I used the bypass. Put the disk in and nothing. Nada. The drive was no longer there and nothing was read from the disk. WTF? I played around and still nothing, so called the brains in the family and one of them answered. Courtney tried to fix it and when nothing worked (mind you the warranty is up as its been stashed a year), she said she would keep it a few days as the battery was dying anyways.

She calls me today and said she fixed it-I am assuming she took the back off and maybe plugged it back in. Nope. She plugged the power cord in! It seems Sony laptops have a power save and when that kicks in, it disables the optical drive to save power. When she turned it on after plugging it in at home, there was the drive! I had no idea and boy do I feel stupid. It would have been nice to have some small booklet included with the machine to at least explain the special features, ya think?


  1. Who woulda thunk of that??? :-) I wouldn't have. Laptops can be pretty quirky anyways. Mine's screen will decide to flicker badly now and then. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it won't do it for weeks and then it'll do it constantly for awhile. Very annoying.

    Glad you got it running though.


  2. I'm glad to know that your laptop is running again!


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