Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thinking Of You

Just a quick one tonight-this was pretty simple to do and is open to many interpretations. Change colors and phrase and you will not run out of ideas.
Using a white shimmery piece, I punched corners (use whatever you have) and then stamped a flowery border top and bottom in blue. I then stamped a small greeting. Fold a silver piece into a card and top with a corduroy-like piece a bit smaller to fit the card front-leaving the top and bottom open for the ribbon.

Die cut a faux buckle and slip a shimmery piece of ribbon thru it and tuck the ends behind the front layer. Slip the stamped piece behind on pop dots. Add some small jewels to the corners. Five minute card if you are prepared!

Taking a few days away as I have a ton of work to do outside and it's gonna rain Monday and get cold again. I can't believe it's almost June and barely getting to 60 during the day and into the low 40's or worse at night. I need my jammies and quilts tonight.

The Pistons sucked tonight! Not looking good at all.


  1. Hi Jan, your right, a simple card, but very effective. I had half decided on these colours for my chrissy cards and your card is convincing me it is a good choice. Have a nice night, snuggled up under the blankets.

  2. Very pretty card. I love the ribbon and "buckle"--nice touch. I know what you mean about the crazy weather. Last Sunday/Monday it was 100 here and the last few days haven't even hit 60. Wild!

  3. Gorgeous it!

  4. Lovely card!! I really like the simple monochromatic scheme, it's very elegant and soothing ^_~


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