Monday, May 26, 2008

Amazing Wahoo

I was not going to blog tonight but when I couldn't sleep (the 4 legged creatures are uptight with the storm coming and the two legged slug is crabbing about his allergies), I started my cooking routine. Sometimes I wonder if I should get a late night diner job that would let me be creative but I would get too pissed off at the drunks at 4 AM. They only want greasy crap anyways. I certainly remember the frat guys (of which hubby was one) wanting Rancheros. This was a greasy burger, topped with hot hot chili and a runny fried egg on top. Every Saturday night. I doubt any of them tasted it tho-those tequila shots were nasty on the tongue and the psyche.

Here I present what could be a graduation card or just telling someone they are terrific any time at all. I used translucent embossing paste on a black piece and when it was dry, I used the oil crayons again. There is a nifty trick to using the crayons-they have a scum to seal them after each use and last forever. So just rub off the end with a paper towel and scribble on wax paper. This will be your palette. Using a stiff brush, swirl the color around on the wax paper and apply it to your dried image using the stencil as a guide for the placement.
I then cut out the butterfly. Using a dark blue base card and layering it with silver, I then put a medium green piece thru an embossing folder (I used paper with a white core so that is why it looks odd). The paper cracked as it went thru the embossing process, and at first I thought of bubbles but now I like to think its fuzzy dandelion tops. I applied that and placed the butterfly using pop dots. I then embossed a piece of metal for the greeting. This metal I think might be from Making Memories but it was in blog candy a while back and I was not sure what to do with it. So I used mini embossing plates and made up a bunch for later, then cut to size.

This was fairly simple while using a lot of fun techniques. And versatile for giving purposes. Now I can't get the lyrics out of my head-I'm wide awake at 4 AM without a friend in sight-I'm hanging on a hope and I'm all right. This after expunging Cole Porter from my humming tune book.


  1. This is a striking card the butterfly!

  2. What a great butterfly. I really like that card.

  3. wow - what a creative technique. very striking!


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