Thursday, May 15, 2008

Family As Friends and Making Hard Choices

I still have not found time to photograph my new cards but maybe tomorrow or Friday if the rain and wind stops. It's still so cold here too altho I had hubby turn off the heat because I am here alone and my quilts are fine and a lot cheaper than the gas company. I spend all day perusing the Yellow Pages trying to find a few roofers to give me estimates. The whole housing market is bad here-so the fringe people (painters, roofers, cabinetry, etc) have taken a beating too. I got not one phone pick up so emailed several to see what is up.

I found this card in my archived file. I can't even remember anything about it. It's a printed acetate overlay that is attached to a card with several odd pieces of card stock. I inked the edges of the card stock to distress a bit but jeez, have no idea how long ago it was made.

I think I need to go do some heavy thinking. I am not having a lot of luck with the dog I adopted back here . I have to decide whether he will be going back to the Humane Society . He does not respond to me at all. Unless I have a cookie. I have tried every possible thing (the dog whisperer is not working with him either) but I cannot even walk him on a leash or take him in the car as he is too hyper and won't obey me-he is at least a year and a half so not a puppy. He is a little better with hubby but not by much (and hubby is not here much anyways). I have never failed with a pet-until now. I think Jackson needs a larger expanse of land (a farm maybe?) , and a "job" like keeping the vermin away. I am afraid to even have kids around as he is so strong and could hurt them (not on purpose but because he is so so strong for a 55 pound dog). He barks at the birds, squirrels and anything that moves for hours and I am waiting for the cops to shop up with a noise violation. Even an obedience collar is not working (and I vowed I would not use one) .

He has all his shots and is neutered. He has heart worm meds for a year (all dogs in Michigan should have this). His own special sleep cage and sleep pillow with blankets. I spared no money on toys and top of the line food and he gets a lot of attention. He is a beautiful dog and is very intelligent. I can tell him to go get a certain toy and he knows what it is and picks it up. But when I tell him to come, or stay in the family room or any simple thing that requires I being the boss-it's no go. I find myself crying in frustration and I have bruises all over from trying to grab him and force a submission. He doesn't respect me as the head of the pack. And good boy Marley is showing frustration as Jackson will not let him be still at all.

Jackson has also eaten anything not tied down outside-my table, a pot of flowers, the mulch bags (all over the yard now) and the cover around the deck. All my hostas are dead as are the chicks and hens and several bushes he ate. And when I tell him no inside (I don't want him upstairs at all), he lifts his leg and wets on my coat, books and just missed my bag with laptop. He is healthy-so what is going on?

I feel like I am failing him---and myself. But what do I do? I don't want to hate him or resent him and I find myself slowly falling that way. Any ideas?


  1. Hey Jan...I feel for you. My BFF Andrea just had to find a home for her dog (which took some time) with a lot of the same behavioural issues. If you want, drop me a line and I will forward you on to her. She is super knowledgeable, but compassionate too...she might be a good ear.

    BTW, nice clean the color choices!

  2. Oh Jan, I feel your pain with Jackson! Unfortunately, that is the risk with rescue dogs eh? We have a rescue and he was/is still a handful. He is very rambunctous and is about 5, but acts like a puppy. We hired a personal dog trainer to come to our house for 5 lessons, plus we've taken him to obedience classes. He is unpredictable at the dog park so we avoid other dogs. He feels like he is the TOP DOG and if he doesn't like someone, he will fight. Other times, he is sweet as pie!!! My only suggestion is to take him to obedience class and see if that helps....he needs to learn that you are the top dog, not him!! Good luck with Jackson!!!
    SBS4 sister

  3. the card is darling. good luck with the dog.

  4. I just LOVE this card. It's got such a new and refreshing look to it! TFS

  5. WOW Jan, I'm SO sorry to hear about Jackson. I do know that in training a dog, especially in the area of who is boss you need to take the dog's head in your hands and look him straight in the face and tell him in a stern (not loud) voice "no." I don't know how much you trust the dog to have your face that close to his but you need to look him in the eyes. Once he's got your attention you tell him "no." There's a lot of information on the internet on this topic, do a google search on it. I wish you the best.

  6. wow, I love that card...not sure why, I think it is the blocking and colors!! Awesome!!! good luck with the dog...I'm not really a dog person so I have no advice except maybe to get a cat hehehe sorry...good luck..


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