Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mousie Congrats

Bet ya never thought you'd see anything current from me again! I have about 30 items but needed some time to photograph and load. It was so windy today that my cards blew all over, the dogs were climbing up my back and Jackson-----ooooh, I should have named him Diablo----somehow got in the composter! I am hoping I can find a way to close it back up but he pried the side open.

We have a rabbit's nest somewhere in our yard and Jackson had the babies in his mouth yesterday. Hubby did not tell me until after the fact as I would have spazzed. We can't find the nest but I think it may be behind the storage shed or thereabouts. Thankfully, the babies seem to be fine but no mama either.

It's that time of year again-weddings and grads. I will be needing some of both. Don't you just love these House Mouse images? I used Prismacolors and Gamsol to color it. Did a couple of scrap layers that matched the larger piece of dotty paper and distressed them and layered with pop dots. Then I layered a couple of pieces to add to the white card.

I added a green piece then stamped a message on white and layered it. Those two jewel flowers would not have looked good had it been a boy's card but it's for a girl. I might have added brads for a boy. Inside I stamped a message about soaring with your dreams. I hope the beautiful graduate aspires to more than minimum wage and waiting for a man. I hope........


  1. Poor bunnies. We had a nest once. It was right in the middle of the back yard. The first time I found it, I tripped over it. It was full of brand new bunnies. They looked like twinkies with hair. But they were still cute.

    I like your card too!! LOL

  2. Jan, those poor bunnies, hope they aren't too traumatised.

  3. This card rocks! Love the image and that DP is super! Good luck with the bunny hunt!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA.... oh first, your card is sooo cute - yes, I love those house mouse images. 2nd, the reason why I'm laughing is at your last sentence.... settling for minimum wage and waiting for a man... it's just funny, that's all. Love your humor - you crack me up.


  5. Very cute card. Sorry about the bunnies.


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