Friday, May 23, 2008

The Masks of Africa

I wonder if Indiana Jones ever came across these archaeological artifacts? At least they "look" as old as he did tonight. I have always been enthralled with African images-both modern and old. Sometimes it's the simplicity of some of the photos or art and that is why I did not add anything to this piece. I wanted the image to stay centered and not have to compete with anything around it.

This was done using a Dreamweaver stencil (this was the one I chose free with my class). The base layer of card stock is white! Yes, white. I sprayed it with 3 different colors of Memories Mists to achieve what looks like it's sand blasted. I have had people run their fingers over this expecting a rough finish. It's very smooth.

The embossing paste I used is black. When it was dry, I tamped the image (still using the stencil so as not to over paste) with a heat and glue pad and a stiff brush until tacky then laid metal leaf over the image and tamped down with the stiff brush. When this was finished, I swirled the brush over the leaf to remove any extra flyaway bits and in doing this, the edges of black appeared around the masks. I think this is what really set it up perfect.

I then used some textured cardstock scraps for layers, finding colors that emanated from the leafing. Each package of leaf is different with some dominating colors. I found the teals and golds were the main colors in this. One layer is distressed. I then added to a simple black card. You could add some small artifacts to this-bits of whatever to give it more depth maybe.


  1. Wow! I am VERY impressed! Love how it turned out. And sounds like LOTS of work went into this. But it shows.


  2. Jan, you have gone to so much work with this and I love it. This is what art is about. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Wow ... this is absolutely amazing ... the gold leaf over the embossing paste produced such a fabulous effect ... I would frame this.

  4. Love this are master of the embossing paste!

  5. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Your work is really great!!!!!:)


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