Thursday, May 29, 2008

In My Thoughts

Do we start the Requiem for the Pistons now? It was so close. I am still shaking several hours later. I get so wrapped up in my teams-not nearly as bad as I used to be when I would cry and mourn for days. One year back in the eighties, every playoff game I went to, we won. I wore the same hair ribbon and the same t-shirt to every game. I was convinced we would lose otherwise. Sadly that season, the one game I could not go to (in Boston) we lost. I was inconsolable and for years was so superstitious. I am better now but not by much. I still park under the same number in the lot (22) and always play the players uniform numbers in the lottery.

We have an interesting melange tonight. I just love this EK punch for the corners and the remnants that are punched off look like bats, so save them for later in the year. I stamped an image and a greeting and then colored with my Copic Markers. I then used a Spica glitter pen to add a little sparkle on the flower. It shows better in person but maybe another layer would be good too. It soaks in sometimes.

I used a scrap across the card about a third of the way down and then layered a piece of textured dark card on the left. Pop dot the colored and glittered piece on the right. Punch out three circles and add a small brad to the center of each and attach on the side. Notice my brads don't match? I had one fly off the table and I cannot find it, so I subbed another one-no match.

Here is a close up that if you enlarge the photo by clicking, will show a little of the glitter. I do love the Copic markers (except the three that were dried up sealed in the package-grrrrrrr) and while an expensive purchase, will prove to be cheaper in the long run as they are refillable.

Going to the bank to sign papers for a home equity loan tomorrow. I hate to borrow money but am so anal about having a certain amount of ready cash for emergencies, so decided to borrow-at 5%! Is that a great deal or what? New roof, outside painting, new cabinets and some other incidentals and talking about a Michigan room. We shall see!


  1. This is lovely Jan...great colors!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! love this card and love how you used the corner punch!


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