Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank You For The Hugs

To everyone who wrote me today with hugs and encouragement over a recent development, thank you so much. I appreciate all the positives uplifts you sent. Us humans make mistakes and none of us are immune. I was up all night upset over it and have not eaten today as my stomach went into overdrive. I will be better tomorrow, I think.

I consoled myself with a new cookbook, a grass de-thatcher (see what a weirdo I am) and some glittery 99 cent rub ons from Micheal's. I am easy-and the grass is finally gonna get mowed (I could not find a rent-a-goat locally to munch the weeds-but the dandelions are pretty)

Happy 31st birthday to my baby boy! Ben and his lovely Johanna are out hiking for the day and I am sending the GC via email so they can add some goodies for their kayaks. (did you know you have to get a license for a kayak in Iowa? Grubby taxing scum everywhere).

Anyways-thanks for everything. I need to simplify my life for a while and go smell my blooming lilacs! I now have 6 beautiful dwarf Korean bushes in light purple! Photos as soon as I can find some time.

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