Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's A Boy!

The trend in my extended family continues. Another male was added this past week-born to Kris and John Kennedy of Minneapolis (formally of small town Iowa). Kris had a particularly scary pregnancy, and it was touch and go whether she would be able to carry it thru. Hopefully, I will know the baby stats before he is college age as hubby never gets it right and usually tells me months later.This time it was 4 days before I knew of the birth and he told a stranger first! What a putz.
This was so so simple. Just pieces of scraps and a button, tag and pin and a rub on! Layer it up and you are out the door in 5 minutes tops. You could even put an image on the front (or attach a cute baby gift card like I am so I can write inside). This would even work as an announcement!

I am off to read-or not. I am already out of whack with the holiday, which I spend sorting plastic bags for the twice a year recyclers. All 2's and 4's except ONE 5. But at least they will be remade into stuff again. Odd that these aren't taken with the normal weekly recycling and that packaging Styrofoam is not taken either, but food container Styrofoam is. It's the same thing!! Wankers all of them.



  2. This is so lovely in its simplicity...great use of scraps!


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