Friday, May 30, 2008

Think Spring 2008

Well, I have been thinking spring for so long, in three weeks it will be summer. Spring has been slow in showing-hence the cold record we set the other night at 31F. 38F last night and about 50F tonight. At least one sweat shirt is fine tonight. There is a front moving in with possible storms (the same one that is exiting Chicago and formally of Iowa). So my cats are all crazy and the dogs-just normal crazy. I want to plant my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow. I hope. Trying some new hybrids/heirloom types too.

So I was so pleased with how nice this card turned out-until I turned on the lights. I wonder, will you see what I see? I will tell you at the end. For a starter, make a plain textured card front. Get out those seldom used nesting punches (or Nestabilities) if you have them and make some serendipity squares using the scalloped edges. Use up those odd pieces of leftover card stocks-both plain and textured. Layer them.

Take a flower punch-make some punchies. Do up some leaves too-these will be nicer with textured card stocks. Layer this stuff on top of the squares and add a crystal or some other highlight to the middle of each flower. Add them evenly to the top part of the card.

Here is a close up of one of the layered sides. You will have four with multiple colors-use pastels or jewel colors or neons-whatever you have and just change the theme a bit. All that is left is a rub on or a stamped phrase. I had an extra punched leaf, so added it at the bottom, but any small object tied into your theme will do.

So what is screwy? I had a sample tube of UHU glue. I have used this on chipboard to attach heavier papers and it works well. It was laying there and I was too lazy to get anything else out. It made a mess on the top left layers. I tried to chip it off, rub it off, and was so pissed at how messy this stuff is unless you really are almost too careful. A friend referred to this as Uh Oh glue. I believe it. I love their tape rollers but not this nasty stringy messy stuff. Never again. That is my warning-don't use this one to scrapbook. Save it for something else.

ETA-Marley was on the deck that day. I see his hair on the top. Usually it's cat fur flying.


  1. I love your card and the colors are so pretty!!!
    I'm sorry about the glue mishap, and thanks for the tip.

  2. this is a beautiful card and design. I, too, have had that frustration after doing lots of work and then realizing the glue is right there. dang. It's still beautiful and maybe some stickles or glitter or something will hide the glue. hope so!

  3. mmmm... this one or the one above ... the colours are awesome. You've got a great colour thing happening.


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