Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update On Memory Lane Bay city

As posted previously, Memory Lane is closing. There is now a firm date to shut the doors-January 31, 2009. Current "get it while it's there" prices are 60% off store wide. 75% off Quikutz. I have not been to the store in a while, so I can't vouch for the quality or quantity of remaining product. It wasn't the best last time I was there but would be worth a trip if you need card stock and stock up supplies-I suspect they don't have anything too current. An added plus if you make the trek-a neat little diner down the block that makes great omelets (about two blocks down-same side of street).

There is also a rubber stamp store across the street called Di's Ink-one block down and across the street to the north-see phone number on my side bare and call to make sure THEY are still open.

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