Saturday, January 03, 2009

Let It Snow! Not!

My area in Michigan just missed setting the December record for total accumulation of snow since records were kept-back to 1867. Had it not rained like it did last week, I think we would have. It can all go away now and stay away. Time for a January thaw maybe?

I should have used a lighter blue on the snowman to show shadow. It was 2 AM and I just pulled out a pen-since I was stamping only by the stove top night light so not to disturb the Slug. I also used those cheapo glitter glues from Joann's dollar bins on this and just think it's too chunky. I prefer the subtlety of Stickles.

I was at Joann's today hoping there might be something cool left over in the Christmas crap, but it was mostly boxes of cards and broken candles. I did find a Christmas Goose ornament for 87 cents, which was about 70% off. Target had much better leftovers and at 75% off a better grab, so I got a really neat 4 foot artificial tree I am going to put on my front porch for the spring robins to nest in. I get a porch nest every spring and usually get the bee-jeebers scared out of me when I forget they are there and actually use my front door. My double doored (think Brady bunch house) front stoop is mostly for decoration anymore-unless the hated door ringers can't read my posted signs to go away. One day, I will sic the dogs on them, I sweat.


  1. I haven't even attempted any "after holiday sales". Not worth it usually.

    Like the card - especially considering the circumstances it was made in (by the light of the stove!)

    And if you "sweat" all over the door to door sales people (instead of swear) I want to watch! LOL. I bet they wouldn't come back!


  2. Thanks, Jane for stopping by. I lost all my readers in my self- imposed hiatus. And in that time, I upgraded my OS and find the new spell check sucks as much as the old one did.

  3. Kathy W7:45 PM

    Happy New Year, Jan! I like your snowman card. I didn't have much luck at the discount sales, either, although, I found some fun wire baskets at Michaels for gift giving next year. We have snow here in Utah, but not as much as you. Still, it is COLD (again, not as cold as you..low of 3 tonight...) and I find it hard to work in my craftroom (basement). Hubby moved his workbench from the garage into the family room so he can work with his hand tools where it is warm, LOL. Take care, Kathy

  4. Cute card! I'd not realized we were so close to snow records for December - but wasn't that 55 degree day a strange break?!

    Happy after-Christmas shopping - and if you're still up for it, I've seen some blogs noting some kewl finds at Walmarts ... tho' I've not stopped in yet! Mike's is having 80% sales now off their Christmas stock! I picked up some new punches w coupons the other day ... will post new creations soon!

  5. Hi Jan,
    Your snowman card is a cutie and from where I'm sitting the glitter doesn't look chunky at all!
    I wanna shop so bad but I'm making myself use up what I have around here. I wonder how long I can go before I give in to temptation? *evil grin* hehehe


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