Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Angel Greetings

I am not sure I believe in angels. I grew up being told there was one on each shoulder-a good angel and a bad angel. It was up to me to decide which one to listen to. While I was not a saint, I was so frightened of the bad angel, I rarely acted on his behalf. I was also afraid of Jack Frost (being so terrified of him, I would not look out windows in the winter) and it wasn't until I was an adult (and on a second floor, so Jack wasn't that tall-and I assumed he could not climb a ladder with his paint brushes to frost) that I finally saw the designs of winter frost up close. It meant we had really bad leaky windows, too.

I think I had an angel looking out for me yesterday. If I get horribly behind on my Reader, I often dump it at bedtime. For some odd reason, I decided to scroll quickly thru and there in one of my sports blogs was a chance to win tickets to the Pistons game. In a sky box suite no less! All I had to do was Twitter the blog owner for an entry. And 24 hours later, I am on my way to a Pistons game. They picked 5 names (I am the token female-go figure). We will get a tour of the facility, be able to watch warm up and practice, hold the Championship trophy-and maybe, just maybe see them win. Plus this is where the team store is-so I am still looking for a T-shirt for someone on a volcanic island-aloha to you.

This card didn't start out as this-I actually had the vellum over the top. But me and my inky fingers and it goes under. I did emboss the edges of the stamped piece in copper more to give it a little more glitz as it was flat. The base card is dark dark green and topped with a piece I added dots of glitter glue (not the cheap stuff) so as to create berries. I still think its kinda flat but it was a fast creation. I imagine you could do this up with a cupid for Valentine's too. Just sub out another scrap of DP.


  1. wow, congrats on winning the blog candy, Jan - here's hoping they win!

  2. You lucky thing, congrats.

    I love the feel of this card, it is very elegant.

    :) Marcia

  3. Whooo-hoooooooo.....WTG on winning those tickets Jan! I hope you have the time of your life watching the Pistons and I hope they won the game.
    Your card is very elegant Jan! I love the torn paper look, very enhancing. Your angel is beautiful and I love the added sparkle of berries! TFS
    p.s. A few years ago, I got the chance to see the Pistons warm up at SVSC. (they were the bad boys then) Gosh...I could not believe how BIG those guys really are in person. I only wish that we had stayed to get an autograph! [sad face]

  4. Excellent win! How cool is that!?! Love the card too! You are such an interesting person. Love to read your stuff! Best, Curt


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