Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anybody Like OLD CTMH Wooden Sets?

I have a friend who is selling some older CTMH sets from pre-acrylic days. She is hoping to raise enough money to take her son sledding for his 8th birthday. They live in California and honestly, I would send them free snow (we have way too much here in Michigan) and just have an on-call pile for that cute boy to play in anytime, but mom wants to surprise him with a trip up the mountains. But she needs some cash to make a spill down the mountain with him.

Take a look HERE and see if there is anything you might like. She also has some Buy It Now Mary Kay goodies, too. There are only a a few days left for these fun sets.

Happy Birthday Fox. There is a huge snowball flying thru the sky for you--oops, I hit the dog! No major league contract for me. :(

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