Saturday, January 17, 2009


I got new shoes! I got new shoes! Yupperdoo. I got new shoes.

My tootsies will feel so good at the gym tomorrow. I put off buying a pair for so long-usually replacing them after 6 months or so of running, walking, slopping thru crap. I am taking bets on how long before this pair of comfy snugs is trashed. For some reason, women's sports shoes just don't come in dark colors. The woman assisting me at Playmakers actually said--"I like the way they look on you"! Obviously not a person who does anything but pull boxes from the back room. She probably keeps her shoes in the boxes and wrapped in tissue paper, too.

This card is pretty simple. I did use the nasty dollar bin glitter glue here. I may chip it off since it's so gloppy. Layered paper and card stock. Distress ink. A scrap of ribbon. Nothing special. 5 minute card. The end.


  1. You are too funny Jan! *smile* You card is a cutie and there are times when simple is good!
    I read your previous post and it is sad to see these stores go out of business. The Scrapbook Peddler is one of my fav. LSS and I hope that it doesn't fall into the closed category.
    Well....I hope you get plenty of mileage out of your new shoes Jan. Have a great day and try to stay warm.

  2. Jan, I love coming here for your commentary. You crack me up. You have the most unique personallity ever, and I love how you put it out there! You are the best! Curt


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