Thursday, January 08, 2009

Goodness & Light

I started to stamp tonight and then went bananas when I could not find a particular item on my desk. So the desk took precedent. I still didn't find the item I needed but did manage to shuffle thru a full grocery bag of scraps of junk and what not papers. It will all go to the recyclers tomorrow. I am forever tearing out articles from magazines, recipes, workouts, sports scores and stuff like that. What is wrong with me???

This is a Vippie stamp. Not nearly as bad as the last one, right? More layers and some real feel to it. Inking all the edges and then distressing them, does give it more of a vintage look. The only thing I wish I had done is used some of that fuzzy stuff in the jar on the sheep. Do they make it in grey or cream? I have red, purple, green and black. And I stuck it in a drawer upstairs and always forgot to make it more accessible.

Got a question for my visitors/readers. How often do you get a piece of feedback on your blog for a post you made and that you know the writer has made up a blogging ID just to leave the somewhat negative comment/feedback and you can't respond but feel you should-because there is nothing when you click the ID name? I always use my real name or leave no comments at all. I have been very upfront in other posts about this. Click my name in a comment and you end up on my page with an email to contact me. I don't allow anonymous feed backs, so this is what has happened yesterday (and previously). I don't care if someone likes me or not, but I would like to present my feelings about situations as I see them. I am a very observant person and pay attention to details more than most. Let me know what you think.


  1. It's nice to see another with the paper addiction I share, LOL! I'm wondering whether those made-up names may be the folkes' SCS userid? I haven't moderated my comments but require word verification to limit spam, something I see you also use.

  2. Hey, I meant to add ... don't let the turkeys get you down!

  3. I love the card! Pretty coloring and paper! The whole commenting thng is just rude. IF you don't have something nice to say.....just don't say it at all! That's my 2 cents! And people that can't even comment using their name are just wimps!

  4. Love your card, Jan! I lose stuff all the time. I'll have it one minute and next thing you know it, it's gone. You did a wonderful job coloring the image. Love the colors too!

    I have been lucky . . .the ones that do comment have been kind to me. I do get a few anonymous comments and always wonder who they are. I'm sorry that you received negative comments by some anonymous person. Hopefully, it was an isolated incident!



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