Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spitting Faux Crabs

There won't be a card tonight. I am in such a bad mood. To the unknowing, we got a new computer right before Christmas. The Dell piece of junk was dying-and dying fast-after only three years. We had an extended warranty on it but when the machine started giving me problems within a few months of ownership and I contacted "help" and was told to open the machine and look, I knew I was in for a screw job. We also never got our rebates. Parts just kept going over to the dark side. And in very noisy fashion.

The new HP desktop was nice the first few days even tho I had to get the Vista OS and get frustrated by it. But the baddies are showing up already. The Smart Media slot works (this is my Canon DSLR card) but the SD card slot for the small point and shoot digital is not working. It worked on the Dell. That is the one I used to take the photos of the cards for the blog as well as the photos of food for my other blog. I made this de-lish sweet potato and black bean soup that was so rib warming when I came home from the gym. No one may ever see it tho. There are two other slot s I have no clue for or if they actually work either. Waiting on photos to try and use the Lightscribe Multi drive (for two years or more) so who knows if that is a working component either . The discs for it are insanely expensive, too.

I put on a brand new legal copy of Microsoft Home Office and I am personally able to use it but hub can't for some reason. I am the administrator on the desktop (don't want hub poking around and deleting stuff he has no clue to) and we each have an account we use for everyday. The administrator account doesn't get accessed unless I need to set up software or other limits. For some reason, I can use Office under my regular account but not as an administrator and hub can't use it at all. It isn't even listed as an option for him under programs and when he gets an email written in Word, it defaults to Works or says he doesn't have what created it. Nor can he edit any saved Excel programs. Oy Vey!

So I am getting yelled at like it was something I did-somebody won't listen to my 'planation and since I am not work tech support he is/was used to...I bet he never yelled at them when they deleted everything on his hard drive one time. Just trying to get thru to Microsoft help is like penetrating a fortress, so I initiated a help file. I have 90 days from installation to get free help. I wonder what language I will get help in-since we all know it's outsourced (what isn't?). So instead of spitting nails, I am spitting faux crabs. I need my iron.

Until I get the memory card thing figured out, I will have to verbally thank the peeps who sent me such wonderful cards for my birthday and Christmas. But a special hug to Risa West for the incredible card and the little basket of mints. I came home tonight from the gym and there was Marley looking so guilty. He had the basket in his chair (still wrapped in cellophane) but our opening the door saved him from eating mints and chocolate. He had to have gotten up on the computer desk to take it down. I will post the photos both on this blog and on my RAK blog that is so neglected.


  1. Hi Jan,

    I've been reading your posts and find it interesting that you assume stores are going out of business because they have low stock, old products and/or are moving things around. I have worked in retail for 30+ years and we always let our stock run down at the end of the year for inventory (taxes are higher if inventory is higher). We also move our product around on almost a daily basis so our customers are forced to walk around and look at everything. Anyway, it's great that you are trying to keep people informed, but some of your assumptions don't make sense. I would love to see some of these stores thin out their inventory and racks - it would be easier to make choices and get the wheelchair through the aisles. Just my opinion.

  2. heyy thanks for visiting my blog!

    im highly allergic to soy.. and have always known about it.. im also allergic to all legumes and nuts... i should have contacted the restaurant but i didnt... im just glad everytning worked out!!

    your like that with mushrooms? you should always carry an epi!! do you?

  3. Hey Jan,

    I am so sorry to hear about your computer problems. I'm not crazy about my Vista but I am getting used to it though. My old computer was a Dell and it lasted about 3 yrs. and after that, it was costing a small fortune to keep it up. Too many crashes!!! A friend of mine reccomends the Mac computer. Infact...she swears they are better! Since computers now days last about 3 yrs. my next computer will be a Mac.
    I'm glad that your card finally arrived and I hope you like it!
    Take care and good luck with your computer.


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