Monday, January 05, 2009

Ugly AND Plaid-What A Concept!

Another attack of the nasty cheap glitter glue from Joann's. Don't buy this stuff. I had good intentions with this card but working in the dark doesn't seem to be working too well. I thought I had used gold stars in the corners to match the gold glitter but now in retrospect, I see I used silver. Oh well.

Knotting the ribbon was a novelty, don't ya think? I might have checked to see it was actually straight before I photographed it but I was making dinner at the same time and only can do so much with the 2 left thumbs the lord dispensed. I did use some acrylic dimensional on the Happy Holiday word piece but honestly, this cheap cardstock I seem to have so much of just can't handle it without warping, so I am gonna stick to Bazzill or American Crafts (this one bleaches so well!) and maybe just use the cheap junk for layering or base cards for layers.

Just think, someone will get this priceless piece of uggo sometime in 2009, assuming I live to the end. I saw Kayla roll her eyes when she saw it a few weeks ago. Maybe SHE will get to treasure it.

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  1. Happy New Year wishes to you Jan!
    I never have brought any glitter from Jo-Ann's and thanks for passing the word. *lol*
    I think your card is a cutie and I love the plaid paper!


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