Thursday, December 04, 2008

Memory Lane Bay City-Closing

Another one bites it. This store was just purchased this past spring from the original owners. Last month was a blip that the store would no longer have loyalty points. Then an email came saying the store would be great for 3-4 women to purchase together. Never good news-but one BIG problem was no parking. It was slant parking on the main street downtown Bay City and I always had to drive around as Bay City has a decent downtown area with lots of shops.

I will be very surprised should it be sold and re-open. Here is the website.

Store Hours
Sunday-Monday~Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
The store is currently at 4o-60% off.
Sadly, this was one of my favs, pre-new owners. Lots of unusual items. Then I saw the drift. And the wider aisles with less and less product. I fear that Scrapbook Peddler in Saginaw is not far behind. They are doing the same re-arranging I see whenever a store is slowing to a crawl. There is also a rubber stamp store across the street (formally Rubber Wonderland now Di's Ink-which has no website, so is it still open?).
I believe the scrap/stamp hobby is just as big as it was but has radically changed. And the economy of course, is forcing us to decide how to shop. I always try to find local, but if I really need something and can't find it or the owners can't or won't order for me, I do shop the Internet. Especially for stamps. But I always give first crack at my local stores. There just aren't any close by anymore-even with gas cheap again, I still have to drive an hour.
I will update this if I hear anything else about the store.

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  1. I hate to see this when it happens! Two very large stores here in my area have closed too. The only one here that is really thriving is Archiver's. If they go, I'll have to do all shopping online! Hope you are well! Best, Curt


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