Friday, January 16, 2009

I Don't Like To Say It But....

I told you so....

Over the life of this blog, I have given my opinion of local scrap and stamp stores. If I love them, I let you know. If I hate them, I let you know. If I think they are dying, I let you know. I have not been wrong predicting on the dying ones yet. I have been surprised by a few that took a lot of people by surprise. I even wonder how a couple of stores are staying open. They are so bad, I stopped visiting.

So today, I got email from Scrapbook Station in Fenton. Mind you, this store used to send out a newsletter every week. I can't remember when there was last one but it was before Christmas 2007 as there was a program called the 12 days of Christmas that the proprietor used to do each holiday season. She did not do it for the 2008 season that I am aware of. This store got a visit from me when I would take hubby to the airport in Detroit. The last visit was in May 2008.

I posted my thoughts on the store in this blog. You can read it here. Honestly, I would have at least given some thought to what customers were saying and we do talk. One of the reasons I have a side bar with all the local stores listed, is so people can discover a place outside their comfort zone. I have removed a bunch of stores over the blog life if they no longer have an online presence-that is a least 20 stores within an 90 mile drive from Flushing. What is the point of keeping up the names of closed stores after a time anyways? It makes it too sad.

I got a comment a few weeks ago here from someone I had no way to contact about her post-it made me wonder if she created a user name just to comment-was or is she a local store owner? Or does she know them? She seemed to think I didn't know what spreading product around a store meant and what not having anything new and exciting means to the store and its customers. Even Wal-Mart has a better selection than some of these stores. It upset me for the reason that I DO know. It breaks my heart to see any business fail (well, Hooters would make me happy to see close). These stores were closing even in good economic conditions and if you don't pay attention to the wants of your customers, you are doomed to fail. Some owners think their ideas and likes are the only way-again, if you like Cadillacs and your customers like Jeeps, how do you expect to keep them coming into your store? Big empty spaces and wide aisles are a clue for some of us.

I hope the few that are left hang tough. Of the remaining scrap stores in my sidebar, I see one as being able to weather the trials. At least 6 of the stores are for sale-one is already having a going out of business sale with hopes of a buyer coming to the rescue (it won't happen). The chain stores are bad-even Archiver's is dead these days. Before you hop on the Internet wagon, give your local stores a chance.

Sadly, this won't be the last GOOBS I list here. But I wish it was.

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  1. I know what you mean, Jan. The LSS closest to me, is about a fifteen minute drive, there are lots more in the Tampa Bay area, although several of them have closed recently, but this is the one I would go to in a pinch. She is a medium size store, and really doesn't have room for the few classes she has. She has a whole wall still filled with rolled stickers, you know the ones, you tear off what you want. She does have some of the new designer papers, and a few punches, etc and just recently started carrying bind it alls, but for the most part, she doesn't really have anything that I can't get at Michaels or Joanns. She had a 40% off sale on Jan 1 and I bought a couple of my daughters school papers and some bind it all combs. My friend just picked up some Disney Tinkerbell stuff for her daughter and a couple of papers. Now, how sad is that? 40% off everything in the store and I spend $8. I just wish she would step up and keep current. Unless she has a sale (very seldom) or I need school papers, I just go to the big stores. I don't think she will continue on in this economy if she doesn't, and I would hate to see her close. Plus, I have heard from several people that she can be very rude (I have not noticed, but several people have)

    Thanks for letting me share.


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